Privacy Policy

*System Fencing Limited will not disclose your personal information to any outside organization for its use in marketing without your consent*

Policy on Privacy of Customer Personal Information

 Your privacy is important to us! System Fencing Limited. ("System Fencing Limited") is committed to respecting your privacy through the protection of your Personal Information. This policy explains the types of customer personal information we collect, how it is used, and the steps we take to ensure your personal information is handled appropriately.

Who is System Fencing Limited?

 For over 20 years now we have been servicing the Equine Market In North America. Each year we try to find or develop the best products available to horse owners. Through this continual leadership position we have purchased a new showroom and shipping facility. You can visit are solutions centers for innovative ideas on housing and keeping your horse. We are here to help you make the best decision possible.

What is personal information?

Personal information is information that refers to an individual specifically and is recorded in any form. Personal information includes such things as age, income, date of birth, ethnic origin, medical records and credit records. Information about individuals contained in the following documents is not considered personal information:

* Public telephone directories, where the subscriber can refuse to be listed,
* Professional and business directories available to the public,
* Certain public registries and court records,
* Certain other publicly available printed and electronic publications.

Information regarding you (such as name, address and phone number) or your order and the products you purchase will not be given to any outside organization for its use in marketing or solicitation without your consent. Under no circumstances do we sell our customer's personal information to third parties.

We respond to your questions, concerns and complaints about privacy

System Fencing Limited responds in a timely manner to your questions, concerns and complaints about the privacy of your personal information and our privacy policies and procedures.

How to contact us

* by calling our Toll Free Number 1-800-461-3362
* by email to our
Customer Relations Centre
* by mail to System Fencing Limited
If your questions, concerns and complaints have not been resolved to your satisfaction or if you have further questions, you can contact System Fencing Limited's President 14321 5th Line Nassagaweya, R. R #1 Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0

SSL encrypts all of your personal information, including name and address. This ensures that your details cannot be read as they travel over the Internet.


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