Protect your Investment
Blankets are an investment and, like any investment, cleaning and repairing them will extend the life of your
investment. A clean blanket is safer and healthier for your horses.

•  NEW  state-of-the-art washer with a capacity of up to 60lbs
•  Up to 12 cleaning cycles to get even the dirtiest blankets clean
•  Cold water wash and hung up to dry
•  Eco-friendly detergent

•  Both minor and major repairs
•  Inspected and professionally repaired
•  Extensive selection of Buckles, Snaps, Velcro, Bindings and Trim

Embroidery and Custom Design

Horse Blanket Services

Winter Blankets (Heavy Weight)
Mid Weight Blankets and Rain sheets
Water proofing  (suggested for any blankets over 3 years old)
Light Weight Sheet
Fly Sheet
Bag of Laundry
(saddle pads, polos, wraps, bandages, hoods, fly masks, etc)

Buckle & Strap Replacement
Surcingle Replacement